Our Methodologies and process


KMCC develop our own working process to ensure that we can serve our customers. It's called "ADDIC Model. ADDIC Model is transformation process which be started from our customers'requirement . This process drive sustainability result. 

A : Access - This is the first stage to empathy and understand customers'situation. It is AS - IS stage of Transformation process . KMCC shall diagnose and generate requirement mapping to ensure our customers'pain point.

D : Define - This stage is stage for defining key focus and prioritize our customers'requirement.

D : Design - This stage shall generate many idea to relieve pain and/or generate gain to customer. KMCC shall design appropriate solutions for our customers. 

I : Improve - This is implementation stage. KMCC team shall be one part of your team. We work closely with our customers to ensure the result and performance. 

C : Control - This stage to ensure sustainable of implementation. It is monitoring and internal audit action by KMCC